The world is reduced to opposing colors.  Warm versus cold.  The unending shades of gray and blue and white fill the outdoors, while inside are the warm tones of soft lights, candles and fireplaces.
I love the look of winter.  My mind tries to figure out how to achieve the washes necessary to capture the stark beauty of it.  Each tree creates patterns against blue sky and causes my mind to practice tracing the delicate bare branches with the tiniest of paintbrushes.  Clear skies are a treasure, not common at this time of year in the Pacific Northwest.  Always an occasion to stare and observe and commit to memory.  But I’ve had enough of being cold in my lifetime.  I will abandon the cold for warm at every opportunity and hurry back inside to thaw in front of the fire.

The inspiration does not survive the thaw.  All thoughts of cold and bleakness and snow are melted as I stare into the golden glow of the fireplace.  Warmth brings back memories of white beaches and mangrove forests and turquoise seas.  My heart belongs to that warmth.  The images in my mind transform into tropical dreamscapes, mermaids, manatees, sea turtles and the glittering diamond sparkle of sun on the sea.

These are what my muse will always cause my brush to create.  Inspiration follows the heart.  And leads it.  Causes it to leave behind the stark beauty of winter for another time.  For a more temperate moment not as likely to numb the fingers. 

The splashing mermaids need to be sketched.  There are turtles to play with and sandcastles to build.

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