…..or being easy distraction during……OH LOOK, A CHICKEN!!!!

I know I’ve asked other artists this question many times.  And I know it is not a flaw unique to me, but it still amazes me how easily I get bored with a certain project and move on to something new.  At times, if I do something once, I may never come back to it.  At other times, I may only do it once every few years.  Then there are certain media that I will always be in love with.

I learned the art of designing and making stained glass windows over thirty years ago, but may go a decade between projects.  I tried embroidery with ribbon once, and that was enough.  A case of “been there, done that” and it no longer holds appeal. I may make a lovely piece and have friends commenting that I should sell them and make a fortune, but doing it once is fun.  Re-doing it over and over is not appealing in the slightest! 

My work with watercolors and ink has been a constant passion over the past decade, but even so I managed to grind to a halt with artist’s block recently.  I was just “not feeling” a piece, so I pulled out my box of leftover clay and a book by Christi Friesen on making little jeweled dragons.  I had been meaning to try them ages ago and never got around to it.  My daughter is the real sculptor in our family, but I dabble in it every once in a while.  Now, for the last 2 weeks I have been ADDICTED to making little three dimensional creatures as figurines, pendants and brooches.  The kitchen table is filled with embellished dragons, crows on the wing and sea turtles crusted with such tiny sea shells that people look at them and accuse me of insanity! 

Then on Saturday night, while innocently reading a book, the mere mention of an art conservator working on medieval jewelry in the novel and I’m OFF on another tangent with my clay and any hapless bead left in my bins.  No stone is safe!  No cabochon can hide!  Pearls may plead to no avail!  Attention Deficit Hyper-creative Disorder at its peak!

I shall enjoy it while it lasts, spread little critters around to my friends and gleefully await the next handicraft that catches my roaming, craving, creative eye.

on 16/04/12
Posted on 04/16 at 04:13 PM
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