With gracious permission from John Howe, I am delighted to share the poem he wrote for which the Elven Maiden’s Lament was created…

Why did you go?
Why have you left
My heart in this dark land?

This war not yours,
Not for your sword,
To by brief mortals stand

By orcish sword
By Mordor Horde
A dark and blood-wrought day

Your helmet bright,
Your eyes alight,
Now dull and mud-splashed lay.

Why did you go?
Why did you throw
My heart upon a knife?

An ill-starred dawn
A field forlorn
With it has gone my life

We should have gone.
Set sail as one
Far from this mortal shore.

No swift bright dawn,
No glade or lawn,
Joy of my heart no more.

The grey ships go,
The fair winds blow,
Their sails so many wings.

I watch the sea,
But not for me
The bright horizon sings.

How can I go
Without you now?
My soul like fallen leaves

Will here remain
Here for the slain.
‘Neath Lothlorien’s eaves.

John Howe

on 17/07/11
Posted on 07/17 at 08:27 AM
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