...or the unusual ink addiction

All my pens were laid out.  The pencil-sketched card in the center of the workspace. I had rulers, paper towels, reference photos ready.  Last evening when I assembled it all, I wanted to start then and there.  But experience has taught me not to work on something this intricate late in the evening.  But now, in mid afternoon, refreshed and anxious, I also was afraid to start.  I tend to get a drink, or wander around.  I stare at it.  Then go off to check the computer for something.  I really don’t know why I hesitate, but it’s always a fear in the back of my mind.  Will I mess it up?  Will I be able to do a good job?

I manage to calm myself enough to make the chair comfortable by padding it.  I have a bruise on my left shin from a bad habit of sitting with my heel up under my right knee.  On a hard wooden chair all last weekend, it had left a very sore spot.  Being twisted to work for long periods of time is also a bad way to work.  This time I folded a quilt to sit on.  Both feet on the floor.  Picked up my new ink pen and filled the reservoir. 

And now we come to the next problem.  Once I start an intricate inking project I don’t want to stop.  I hate to quit even when it’s time to go to bed.  And if I have to go to work the next day, I have this ridiculous “separation anxiety” thing going on.  I take the piece to work with me in my art bag.  I know full well I’ll not have time to touch it during a work day, but knowing it’s there, I feel comforted.  I sneak a peek at it.  I think about the next steps I’ll be working on.  I can’t get it out of my mind. 

Contrary to what most people tell me, I find the more insane the detail, the more it relaxes me.  I get lost in the details, the finest of line work, the tiniest of items I can fit into the space.  The only word I can think to describe it is “Entranced”.  I don’t know if other artists feel this way.  I just know that I always do when I work on a piece.  It’s an addictive emotional response.  But one of the very nicest if one has to have addictions.

Just a little look inside the mind of this particular artist.  Here is the 2 1/2” x 3 1/2” artist trading card I’m working on for a friend.  It’s late and I need to stop.  Tomorrow I’ll have fun painting it and adding the gilding.  I’ll sleep VERY satisfied tonight with my endeavors.

on 11/06/11
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