My introduction to the world of ROBIN HOBB!


Back in December of 2005, I joined a fun little group of fans on JOHN HOWE’s forum.  They became my community for sharing art and anecdotes and life.  I began to notice much talk of this “Robin Hobb” author whose books I had never encountered.  After a number of years on this site, I was curious to know what all the fuss was about. While browsing my local used bookshop, I bought what I THOUGHT was the first volume. Unfortunately, I got them in the wrong order and started the TAWNY MAN TRILOGY first.  After devouring that in record time, I dived into the original FARSEER TRILOGY to find out how the whole thing got started.  I followed up with the LIVE SHIP SERIES, by which time she had begun publishing the RAINWILD CHRONICLES.

I was aware John had done covers for her books in the past and that they were friends online!  I hadn’t been aware that she was a resident of my very own town.  Research on her website informed me she frequently launched new books at the University of Washington Bookstore in Seattle.  After a quick look at her upcoming appearances I vowed to attend the upcoming book launch.  She very graciously sits at a desk after her initial reading and Q&A and signs books for all who request it.  I met her then and followed up by attending many more book launches. 

We soon became friends on Facebook and she began to notice and comment on my arts and crafts.  We exchanged many ideas for art and projects and I was fortunate enough to be invited to a gathering of local creative types for a social evening of sharing and inspiring.  We were told to bring a sample of things we make.  With my current “craft du jour” being needle felting, I created my own needle felted version of RATSY to present to Megan.  I sewed the little jester hat and collar and added trim and bells by hand.  I bought an old wooden spoon from the thrift shop, cut off the bowl end and painted it black with gold trim. 

I’m pleased to report she LOVED the cute little fellow and keeps him safely behind glass (to keep from dogs and children) in the living room of her home. 

on 15/11/16
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